Without You (A Valentines Stalker Song Sequel)

by TheOrionSound ft. Microglitching

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Without You (A Valentines Stalker Song Sequel)
By TheOrionSound ft. Microglitching

Song entry for Spintunes 8 Round 1;
Missing You: Write a song to someone you miss, but can't be with anymore.

A sequel to my song "You: A Valentines Stalker Song" (www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjxZgfd9L8U)

- NOTE: Although this song isnt directly to a person being missed, as by the end of the song it is seen that the entire thing is a mental hallucination by the crazy protagonist missing his love, it therefore is in my opinion "to someone missed", or at least about someone he misses-


Intro (TheDragonHat):
You are sentenced to 6 years in jail, for arson, breaking and entering, and sexual assault. You will be alone, you will lose your rights. You will suffer for your crimes.

It feels like months since ive seen your eyes, your nose, your mouth,
Infact its only been 3 weeks since I broke into your house
Stuck here all alone, I try not to lose hope,
Passing away the hours by fumbling the soap.
If she loved me, why’d she leave me here,
For the first time my mind is clear,
I need to forget you, i’m free
Youll. See.

6 weeks parole Billy; don’t get into any trouble and put it to good use.
I will sir. I’m ready.

I could be anything that I want to be,
Be the hero, solve world hunger, itll be my destiny,
Get a job, earn my way, leave stalking for another day,
And though now that ive left you behind, I know that I’ll be fine
I, don’t, need you!

Since I moved on, im going far,
No more hiding in your car
Sniffing at the laundry you that leave out.
I mean sure, it’ll be hard, but from your love I am barred.
I can live, without you

Oh Wait, whats that I see,
Your radiant beauty coming from the street
My hearts a blur,within my pants something starts to stir
But who’s that man standing next to her.

I bend him over and I break his arm,
Choke him before he sounds the alarm
Then I knock him down and curb stomp his face
Then I tie up his limbs and I throw him into a lake,
Now we can be together.

And staring from the other shore
across the blood-stains and the gore,
Mouth open like shes wanting more
and then she says;

Although murdering my boyfriend seems a little bit extreme
I’m into 50 shades; this kinky stuff just speaks to me.
Youre kind of creepy-crazy, but who isn’t anyway
Maybe we can make this work.

I have loved you, wanted you for such the longest time,
Waiting to feel your heartbeat, feel it beat in time with mine
And now that we’re together, I can finally see

Theres no I in “pursuit”, theres we.

So lets run away and be;

In love until the end,
no restraining order I wouldn’t bend,
No more breaking in; ill have a key;
We can have 12 kids,
and I can lick your face
There will be only love you’ll taste.

And to us, itll be, the greatest fantasy.
That I don’t want to end.

Ending line (TheDragonHat)
"Should we tell him he’s only been in here a week?
Nahh, don’t ruin his dream…"


released February 10, 2014
All credit to me. Well... some to Maddie. Some to the Dragonhat. Mostly to me.



all rights reserved


The Orion Sound North Lincolnshire, UK

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