The Code

by The Orion Sound

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"As catchy as an S-Club 7 hit!.. I'm so sorry..."
Written for my good friend Georges competition to win a code.
There was a context. It's probably unimportant.
If you get bored, skip to a minute in, that's where it hits its awesome peak.
(All improvised off the top of my head in one take...)


I said George,
I want your code,
I said i want your code,
I want your code,
I said George,
I really want your code, and also i want your guns

Cos' George,
I know i think you know,
I think i know its cos' i love you so,
I said George, you know Georgy - George,
I said George, George, George, George, Georgedy George.

I said, Hey George I want your code,
Said i want your code,
I want your code, yeah,
Said george i want your code,
You want your code,
And also your guns, been pumping them guns now.
Pumpin those guns now

Hey George i want your code,
So i can play minecraft with all my bro's and hoes, So please, please, just give me your code,
And also give me your number, so i can call you up at night,
And touch you sensually,
Cos' its your kinda thing your into Georgy Geoge,
You know its because you have guns on your face,
And also on your arms and in your pockets, you're a black man;

Oh its black man
Oh i love black men as well, cos they are black now
Oh Black men also want the code, but you cant give them the code coz their black, oh their black, oh their black, yes theyre black now
Like sup nigger,
oh sup nigger,
pop a cap in yo ass oh sup nigger,
oh, like sup nigger, sup nigger, oh oh oh oh nigger nigger nigger oh,

Cos' that's what i want, i just want your code,
I just want your code,
I just want your code,
I also want your body, but mainly the code,
So, just listen to this song, cos' this song tells you what i want, its the code, code, code.
The code, code, code.
Give me your code.


released October 2, 2011
All credit to Oliver Parsons; The Blackest guy who ever lived



all rights reserved


The Orion Sound North Lincolnshire, UK

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